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We study and promote the old style (classical) teachings of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Jutsu, as taught by Hokama Tetsuhiro (Hanshi) and passed on by Luis Morales (Hanshi) in North America.


We teach a complete system for those serious in studying life protection (no sport Martial Arts) with a focused balance on Physical and Mental training. We work with students to realize the benefits of old style training and classical practices, which include’s but not limited too;

Karate Terminology


Our curriculum also includes but not limited too;

Yobi Undo
Hojo Undo
Bugaku (Martial Science)
Atemi-jutsu (Striking Art, proper angles, Kyusho)
Nage & Shime Waza (Throwing and Choking techniques)
Tuidi-jutsu (Grab, seizing hand art)
Kyusho-jutsu (Vital points art)
Tenshin (Body change)
Bunkai Oyo (Combat Applications Analysis and Principles)
Kokyu Ho (Ki Breathing exercises), and More!

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